Quality has become the philosopher's stone of management practice with consultants and gurus vying to charm lead-laden corporations into gold-winning champions. Quality is primarily viewed in terms of corporate culture, multi-departmental ad-hoc forces and the salvation of entire companies.

    Our Training and Quality Teams update our Engineering staff and decision makers with the:

    • Changes and trends in customer requirements, business management systems and practices
    • Know-how in production and Project Management
    • Proven tools and techniques to improve quality and project delivery performance
    • Identification of business risks and problem solving techniques
    • Corrective & preventive actions and continual improvement of performance
    • Project / Product specific requirements
    • Awareness and implementation guidance on management systems with reference to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TL9000, and OHSAS 18001

    Technical Training

    Technical Training brings in the benefits of the experiences and insights that have shaped an individual's leadership rationale into the workshop. Technical Training translates strategy and guiding principles into business practices by using leadership as a prime employee engagement tool. It is a leadership development approach that puts senior leaders in a role of not only selecting future leaders but also one of transferring leadership experience into leadership skills.

    Aster’s Engineers provide customized training programs to our Project teams in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Installations, O&M, Soft skills and various Management areas. Training team delivers accurate, contemporary and practical information required to the projects.

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