Site Survey & Design

    We provide Site Survey & Design as part of ourTelecom Turnkey Solutions to our telecom customers.

    Survey and design of the site are carried out before the installation of the towers in the following steps:
    • Survey the site to plan specific placing of various components of the structures/building
    • Test the soil for its bearing capacity
    • Layout plan preparation of the site
    Civil Works

    We carry out design and execution of foundations and associated Civil Works.

    We can provide you with the necessary geotechnical report complete with boring log and recommendations for proper foundation design that meets your tower specifications. We can provide installation on a completely raw land site with site clearing, grading and civil work, grounding installation and testing, telephone and electrical services and fencing.

    We can install  foundations for the following structures:
    • Towers
    • Shelters and buildings of various types and sizes
    • Power backup DG sets for vibration free and low noise
    • Other site infrastructure works
    Tower Supply

    Types of Towers we can supply:
    • Ground Based Towers
    • Roof Top Towers
    • Roof Top Poles
    • Guyed Mast Towers
    Our Site execution includes
    • Tower Foundation
    • Shelter / Outdoor Foundation
    • DG Foundation
    • Compound Wall
    • Security Room
    Tower Erection & Painting: Our Tower erection and painting procedures comply with aviation rules.

    Electrical Works:

    The electrical works carried out are of the:
    • Internal type
    • External type for power connection and Liaison with the department concerned

    Clearances / Permissions: We obtain permissions from SACFA / WPC, Local Administrative Bodies and pollution Control Boards.

    Acceptance tests: We conduct acceptance tests.

    Supply & Installation:

    We carry out supply and installation of the following:
    • DG sets
    • Shelters
    • Insulation Transformers
    • Stabilizers
    • Fire Alarm Panels
    Other related services:
    • Liaison works for EB connections, municipal approvals
    • Earthing: We carry out complete lightning conductors installation & earthing work
    • Aviation Lamps: We Install Aviation Lamps as per the standards and Aviation Rules
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