Aster has more than 12 years of experience in design and manufacture of tower structures of various types for telecom/wireless applications. Our in house teams of highly qualified designers use state of the art structural design software to provide optimal solutions to customers for their antenna mounting structure requirements. We have successfully designed, manufactured and supplied towers from 9 m to 100 m for telecom applications.

    At Aster we manufacture and supply galvanized towers of tubular and Angular designs for an array of customers in Telecommunication. We provide both Ground Based towers (GBT) and Roof Top towers (RTT).

    Aster offers the following types of Self Supporting Towers:
      Tower Placement   Design Type   Section
      Ground Based   Square Angular
      Polygonal Tower
      Angular Towers
      Tubular Towers
      Hybrid Towers
      Roof Top   Square Angular
      Polygonal Tower
      Angular Towers
      Tubular Towers
      Hybrid Towers

    Aster’s Design Capabilities

    At Aster we have developed over 200 Tower designs that are approved by SERC, CPRI and IIT. Aster is the forerunner in Telecom Infrastructure services that are fast and reliable for the following reasons:
    • Technical expertise of our teams, well-engineered layouts, mechanized production equipment and large storage facilities for steel and finished products
    • Our design facilities at Hyderabad employ highly qualified teams for designing and developing all types of towers of national and international standards
    • Aster has 5 tower manufacturing units at 2 strategic locations, Hyderabad and Raipur with a total production capacity of 75,000 MT per annum
    • Our Tower Manufacturing and allied Structural Fabrication Facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology
    • Aster is constantly upgrading the capabilities of its factories to meet the challenges of the ever changing landscape of the markets

    Fabrication Technology

    At Aster all tower parts go through multi-purpose CNC machines that are programmed to perform punching, stamping, drilling and cutting. Hydraulic presses, matching tools, jigs and fixtures ensure that bent items are handled without distortion.

    At Aster all the machines are equipped to process steel conforming toBSEN, ASTM, JIS and DINspecifications.

    Galvanizing Technology

    At Aster we have standardized the processes of cleaning, degreasing, pickling, fluxing heat treating, and galvanizing steel faster than any current technology employed in the industry for an ideal reaction between steel and Zinc.

    The pre-heating chamber ensures uniform drying & preheating of steel to give it an excellent surface finish and uniform coating of zinc. The temperature of Galvanizing Furnace is accurately controlled by microprocessors.

    At Aster Quality is a Journey, not a Destination

    At Aster quality is an integral part of the manufacturing process. At Aster our maintenance and backup systems ensure that the process capability of machines is maintained at the required performance standards.

    • Specially trained inspectors, computerized testing equipment and well-planned quality assurance infrastructure back all the quality efforts
    • Monitoring is done at every stage to ensure the highest standards of quality
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