Drive Test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool as Log files is analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network.
    • Drive Route and Site Data for the sites to be driven is taken from customer
    • Drive Test LOG File of the specified Drive Route / Site is saved and the same will be handed over to customer at the end of the day
    • DT Resource identify routine field optimization issues like cable swapping, missing neighbors etc., and rectify the same with the help of the customer
    Optimization is carried out in the network to
    • Minimize the call drop and RF interference in the network
    • Increase the indoor & outdoor coverage and better speech quality
    Network Optimization Tools Used are as the following:
    • TEMS Investigation
    • Agilent E6474A
    • Neptune
    • CDMA Air Interface Tester (CAIT)
    • TEMS DeskCat
    • Actix Analyzer
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