Aster’s Managed Network services include:
    • Active Maintenance of BTS and BSC
    • Network Optimization
    • Capacity Management
    Active Maintenance of BTS and BSC s by Aster’s Telecom O&M

    Aster provides level-1 Active O&M services like fault monitoring & management, preventive and corrective maintenance for Base Station Subsystem elements comprising of BTS and BSCs.

    Managed Network services include the following activities:
    • Troubleshooting of BTS using Online Monitoring Tool (OMT)
    • Fault localization on BSS equipment (BTS / BSC) and antenna system
    • Simple repair procedures and replace faulty hardware units
    • Testing after corrective actions like test calls, test external alarms and antenna system test
    • Monitoring internal and external alarms of BTS using the OMT
    • Troubleshooting of T1/E1 link to bring site on air
    • Periodic drive testing of BTS Site
    • Verification, up-gradation / replacement of cards / devices
    • Firmware / hardware modification for cards / devices locally
    • Oversee replaced units
    • Logistics and documentation support for repair & return of faulty hardware units
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